Which roles are played by Paul (II) Blake | Characters played by Paul (II) Blake

Paul (II) Blake has played the role of Himself in Elstree 1976 Film released in 2015.

Rally Leader in Hennessy Film released in 1975.

Kenny in Some of My Best Friends Are Film released in 1971.

Greedo in Star Wars Film released in 1977.

Cockney soldier in The Second Victory Film released in 1987.

Arnold in Clayhanger TV Series released in 1976.

Colin Sands in Crossroads TV Series released in 1964.

Mr. Hobart in Down to Earth TV Series released in 2000.

3rd Editor in Melissa TV Series released in 1997.

Arzt in Rosamunde Pilcher TV Series released in 1993.

Hunchback in The Borgias TV Series released in 1981.

Bernard de Ventadour in The Devil's Crown TV Series released in 1978.

Journalist in Wycliffe TV Series released in 1994.

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