Which roles are played by Peter (I) McDonald | Characters played by Peter (I) McDonald

Peter (I) McDonald has played the role of Steve in Anthropopopometry Film released in 2013.

Vincent in Blow Dry Film released in 2001.

Andy Watts in Captain Jack Film released in 1999.

Johnny Lysaght in Felicia's Journey Film released in 1999.

Architect in Festival Film released in 2005.

Satan in God's Early Work Film released in 2004.

Git Hynes in I Went Down Film released in 1997.

MI Staff Officer L/BX in Killing Hitler TV Film released in 2003.

Stanislaus Joyce in Nora Film released in 2000.

Frank Beneventi in Saltwater Film released in 2000.

Henry in Sin noticias de Dios Film released in 2001.

Dave in Some Voices Film released in 2000.

Dr. Neil Giffords in Spacemen Three Film released in 2008.

Tomo in Spin the Bottle Film released in 2004.

Johnny Giles in The Damned United Film released in 2009.

Steve in The Family Man TV Film released in 2006.

Georg in The Headsman Film released in 2005.

Michael 'Mikey' Lawler, aka Michael Kelly in The Opportunists Film released in 2000.

The Machine in The Stag Film released in 2013.

Brendan in When Brendan Met Trudy Film released in 2000.

Gary in Wreckers Film released in 2011.

Tom Jones in City of Vice TV Series released in 2008.

Tony in Fergus's Wedding TV Series released in 2002.

Director, 'Pentecost' in Festival Road Trip TV Series released in 2008.

Director in Green Wing TV Series released in 2004.

Game Keeper in Kings in Grass Castles TV Series released in 1998.

Alan Hill in Mayday TV Series released in 2013.

Liam Moone in Moone Boy TV Series released in 2012.

Patrick Llewellyn in No Offence TV Series released in 2015.

Tomo in Paths to Freedom TV Series released in 2000.

Dr. Anthony Rolle in Ripper Street TV Series released in 2012.

Dr. Andrew Gemmill in Sea of Souls TV Series released in 2004.

Tim Prachett in Spooks TV Series released in 2002.

Jim Maloney in Titanic TV Series released in 2012.

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