Which roles are played by Peter Fain | Characters played by Peter Fain

Peter Fain has played the role of Policeman in Don't Answer the Phone! Film released in 1980.

Gillette in Fighting Mad Film released in 1976.

Henry's 70's Crew in Goodfellas Film released in 1990.

Drunken Cowboy #1 in Kiss My Grits Film released in 1982.

George in Mean Streets Film released in 1973.

Detective Walken in Misfit Patrol Film released in 1998.

Greeter in Up Club in New York, New York Film released in 1977.

Dauthuille Corner Man - Dauthuille Fight in Raging Bull Film released in 1980.

Sam - Police Detective in The Cycle Savages Film released in 1969.

Plainclothesman in The King of Comedy Film released in 1982.

Landscaper's Father in Aftermath TV Series released in 2010.

Which roles are played by Peter Fain, name the characters played by Peter Fain, list of roles potrayed by Peter Fain

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