Which roles are played by Peter Hanly | Characters played by Peter Hanly

Peter Hanly has played the role of Seamus in Black Day at Black Rock TV Film released in 2001.

Prince Edward in Braveheart Film released in 1995.

Dick Spring in Brendan Smyth: Betrayal of Trust TV Film released in 2011.

Young Oliver in Da Film released in 1988.

Priest in First Communion Day TV Film released in 2002.

Ronnie in Guiltrip Film released in 1995.

Bob Christie in Jumpers Film released in 1997.

Father Tom in McCready and Daughter TV Film released in 2000.

Himself in Mel Gibson's 'Braveheart': A Filmmaker's Passion TV Film released in 2000.

Major Sparks in My Boy Jack TV Film released in 2007.

Paul in The Truth About Claire TV Film released in 1990.

Sean in 4 Play TV Series released in 1989.

Ambrose Egan in Ballykissangel TV Series released in 1996.

Himself in Ireland AM TV Series released in 1999.

Registrar in Primeval TV Series released in 2007.

School Inspector in Roy TV Series released in 2009.

Inspector in Roy TV Series released in 2009.

Jack O'Halloran in The Clinic Film released in 2003.

Male Trainee in The Governor TV Series released in 1995.

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