Which roles are played by Philip Philmar | Characters played by Philip Philmar

Philip Philmar has played the role of Snake face in Biblioth�que Pascal Film released in 2010.

Station Manager in Can You Take It? Film released in 2005.

Glynn Bryon in Caring for the Recently Deceased Film released in 2014.

Slugworth in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Film released in 2005.

Death in Death Takes a Breather Film released in 2009.

Goll Mac Morna in Finn Mac Cool Film released in 2005.

Cook Giant in Jack the Giant Slayer Film released in 2013.

English Judge in Joan of Arc Film released in 1999.

Thern #1 in John Carter Film released in 2012.

Ensemble Paris Beggar in Les Mis�rables Film released in 2012.

Litterpicker in Litterpicker Film released in 2008.

Mr. Archer in Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children Film released in 2016.

Mr. Fogg in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Film released in 2007.

Comedy Duo in The Art of Cruising Men Film released in 1996.

Astrozoologist 1/Rabble Rouser in The Colour of Magic TV Film released in 2008.

Jeffrey in The Hoarder Film released in 2015.

Horace in The New Adventures of Pinocchio Film released in 1999.

The Dark One in Where the Keys Cross Film released in 2010.

Birdman in Casualty TV Series released in 1986.

Elder Meereen Slave in Game of Thrones TV Series released in 2011.

Mr. Slime in Julia Jekyll and Harriet Hyde TV Series released in 1995.

Mr. Andrews in McCallum TV Series released in 1995.

Line-up - G-sus Christ in Never Mind the Buzzcocks TV Series released in 1996.

Line-up - Reduced to Clear in Never Mind the Buzzcocks TV Series released in 1996.

Line-up - Making Me Quite Scared in Never Mind the Buzzcocks TV Series released in 1996.

Farmer in The Legend of Dick and Dom TV Series released in 2009.

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