Which roles are played by Poncho Hodges | Characters played by Poncho Hodges

Poncho Hodges has played the role of Bulldog in Attila Film released in 2013.

Zombie in Dance of the Dead Film released in 2008.

Purse Snatcher in Dicks TV Film released in 2010.

Earl in Double Tap Film released in 2011.

Black Rhino in Dysfunktion Film released in 2015.

Himself in Entering the Other Side Video released in 2007.

O.G in Knuckle Game Film released in 2006.

Chocolate Brotha in Let's Talk Film released in 2006.

Macy's Security Guard in License to Wed Film released in 2007.

Jonesy in NBA '08 Featuring the Life: Vol 3 Film released in 2007.

Jonesy in NBA '09: The Inside Film released in 2008.

Basketball Player 1 in Prom Night Film released in 2012.

Bushman #2/Ray in The Adventures of Umbweki Film released in 2009.

Eugene in The Guy Who's Fucking Your Girlfriend Film released in 2013.

Oz in The Other Side Film released in 2006.

Marcus in The Wrath of Cain Film released in 2010.

Executioner of John the Baptist - Desert sequence in Wilde Salom� Film released in 2011.

Devil Player in Hit the Floor TV Series released in 2013.

Silas Inwood in Law & Order TV Series released in 1990.

Charles in Notes from the Underbelly TV Series released in 2007.

Smoke in Sons of Anarchy TV Series released in 2008.

Rick Jones in The Game TV Series released in 2006.

Officer Trap in True Blood TV Series released in 2008.

Bouncer 1 in Warren the Ape TV Series released in 2010.

Bouncer in Wendell and Vinnie TV Series released in 2013.

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