Which roles are played by Ralph Peduto | Characters played by Ralph Peduto

Ralph Peduto has played the role of Halleck in Blur Film released in 2011.

Uncle Steve in Car Babes Film released in 2006.

Chapman in Getting Even with Dad Film released in 1994.

Driver 1 in Just One Night Film released in 2000.

Ralph in Kung Phooey! Film released in 2003.

Bail Bondsman Hawkins in Metro Film released in 1997.

Cop in Mrs. Doubtfire Film released in 1993.

Waiter in Mrs. Lambert Remembers Love TV Film released in 1991.

Banner in Paradise Cove Film released in 1999.

Organizer in Patch Adams Film released in 1998.

Officer Griggs in Psychic Detective Film released in 1994.

Policeman #2 in Splash, Too TV Film released in 1988.

Boss in Taken Away TV Film released in 1989.

Teacher in The Brotherhood of Justice TV Film released in 1986.

Churchgoer in The Forger Film released in 2012.

Jimmy DeNunzio/Additional Voices in The Godfather Film released in 2006.

Carmine Rosato in The Godfather II Film released in 2009.

Carmine Rosato in The Godfather II: Crime Rings Film released in 2008.

Jimmy DeNunzio/Emilio Barzini Jr./Leon Grossi in The Godfather: Blackhand Edition Film released in 2007.

Jimmy DeNunzio in The Godfather: Mob Wars Film released in 2006.

Jimmy DeNunzio/Cuneo Racket Boss/Artie Manzanero in The Godfather: The Don's Edition Film released in 2007.

F.B.I. Agent Hunt in The Rock Film released in 1996.

Court Officer in True Believer Film released in 1989.

Vegetable Man in Valley of the Heart's Delight Film released in 2006.

Policeman #1 in Visions of Murder TV Film released in 1993.

Detective in A Fine Romance TV Series released in 1989.

Hot Dog Vendor in Action TV Series released in 1999.

Bob in Cheers TV Series released in 1982.

Guard in Family Law TV Series released in 1999.

Bus Driver in Hill Street Blues TV Series released in 1981.

Nick Tassone in It's a Miracle TV Series released in 1998.

McGregor in Jesse Hawkes TV Series released in 1989.

Gravedigger in Monk TV Series released in 2002.

Sal in Nash Bridges TV Series released in 1996.

Marc Gaynor in Partners in Crime TV Series released in 1984.

Fish Vendor in Party of Five TV Series released in 1994.

Police Officer in Sledge Hammer! TV Series released in 1986.

Cory in The Norm Show TV Series released in 1999.

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