Which roles are played by Renato Fabretti | Characters played by Renato Fabretti

Renato Fabretti has played the role of Vega in Deadheart Film released in 2013.

Peter Chalmers in Once Upon a Time Film released in 2005.

Caleb Ridder in Paladin Film released in 2012.

Clive in The Actress Film released in 2005.

Paris in The Course Film released in 2007.

Louis in The Director's Cut Film released in 2009.

Alex in The Reckoning Film released in 2014.

Jesus (segment "The Turning") in The Turning Film released in 2013.

George in Two Fists, One Heart Film released in 2008.

Dale Hoskins in All Saints TV Series released in 1998.

Alex (2014) in Greenfield TV Series released in 2015.

Photographer in The Shark Net TV Series released in 2003.

Mark 'Chopper' Read in Underbelly TV Series released in 2008.

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