Which roles are played by Robert (II) Ambrose | Characters played by Robert (II) Ambrose

Robert (II) Ambrose has played the role of Russell in A Crack in the Floor Film released in 2001.

Limo Guy #2 in A Star for Rose Film released in 2013.

Jared in A Winter Rose Film released in 2014.

Tech Support Advisor in Bedazzled Film released in 2000.

Dart in Blood Ranch Video released in 2006.

Wilkins in Creepies Video released in 2004.

McGinty in Creepies 2 Video released in 2005.

Charlie in Devil's Highway Film released in 2005.

Mental Patient in Ecstasy Film released in 2011.

Book Store Customer in Fred & Vinnie Film released in 2011.

Nice Manager in Hollywood Film released in 2006.

Malfini in Porn Shoot Massacre Video released in 2009.

Officer Nelson in Rolling Film released in 2013.

Dr. Darren Bulloch/Dr. Morrow in Supernatural TV Film released in 2005.

The Attendant in The Attendant Video released in 2004.

Officer in The Guest House Film released in 2015.

Dennis in The Last Stop Film released in 2009.

Janitor in Tower of Blood Video released in 2005.

Which roles are played by Robert (II) Ambrose, name the characters played by Robert (II) Ambrose, list of roles potrayed by Robert (II) Ambrose

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