Which roles are played by Robert Randolph Caton | Characters played by Robert Randolph Caton

Robert Randolph Caton has played the role of CIA Agent in Body of Lies Film released in 2008.

Gen. Kemper's Aide in Gods and Generals Film released in 2003.

Upscale Business Man in Hannibal Film released in 2001.

Local Reporter in Head of State Film released in 2003.

Family Mourner in Ladder 49 Film released in 2004.

Dignitary in Minority Report Film released in 2002.

Museum Patron in Red Dragon Film released in 2002.

Courtroom Visitor in Shot in the Heart TV Film released in 2001.

Washington Attorney in State of Play Film released in 2009.

CDC Representative in The Invasion Film released in 2007.

Washington Coach in The Replacements Film released in 2000.

Capitol Hill Businessman in The Sentinel Film released in 2006.

Village Elder in The Village Film released in 2004.

Corporate Businessman in Traffic Film released in 2000.

Searcher in Tuck Everlasting Film released in 2002.

Pedestrian in Unbreakable Film released in 2000.

Wedding Guest in Wedding Crashers Film released in 2005.

Professor Dennis Weaire, 2004 - Fatal Compulsion in Interpol Investigates TV Series released in 2004.

Maryland Delegate in John Adams TV Series released in 2008.

Detective Joe Cooley in The F.B.I. Files TV Series released in 1998.

Detective Terry Lee (2001) in The New Detectives: Case Studies in Forensic Science TV Series released in 1996.

Dr. Haig Koshdarian in The Prosecutors: In Pursuit of Justice TV Series released in 2000.

Harold in Veep TV Series released in 2012.

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