Which roles are played by Robin Wilcock | Characters played by Robin Wilcock

Robin Wilcock has played the role of Prisonnier (Voix hors-champ) in 15 f�vrier 1839 Film released in 2001.

Free Greek-Sculptor in 300 Film released in 2006.

Lawyer in Afterwards Film released in 2008.

Claude Thibault in Angelique Film released in 1999.

Journalist in Beyond Borders Film released in 2003.

Jerry in Blind Trust TV Film released in 2007.

Patrick in End of the Line Film released in 2007.

Additional Voices - Evolution DLC in Far Cry Instincts Film released in 2005.

Jay in Heartstrings Film released in 2002.

Nibbles in Hot Sauce Film released in 1997.

Stage murderer in Isn't She Great Film released in 2000.

Agent in Life on Juniper Film released in 2015.

Ian Scott in One Dead Indian TV Film released in 2006.

Harry in Panic Film released in 1997.

Bob in Premier juillet, le film Film released in 2004.

Dr. Rupert Elliot in Race Against Time TV Film released in 2000.

Barry/Police Officer in Riders Film released in 2002.

Gunther Biassi in Sublet Film released in 1998.

Lucifer in The Big Thing Film released in 2004.

Tony in The Day After Tomorrow Film released in 2004.

Bernard Darwin in The Greatest Game Ever Played Film released in 2005.

Stapleton in The Hound of the Baskervilles TV Film released in 2000.

Sniper in The Incredible Hulk Film released in 2008.

Crown Prince in The Royal Scandal TV Film released in 2001.

Bennet in The Stork Derby TV Film released in 2002.

Matthew in The Warden TV Film released in 2001.

Network Sound Engineer in Time Bomb TV Film released in 2006.

Evans in Tunnel Video released in 2002.

Guard #2 in Wrong Number Film released in 2002.

Mailman in Bliss TV Series released in 2002.

Bennett Ballester in Breakout Kings TV Series released in 2011.

Police Officer in Canadian Case Files TV Series released in 2005.

Bob Breiding in Covert Affairs TV Series released in 2010.

Business Officer in Flashpoint TV Series released in 2008.

First Officer Whitney in Mayday TV Series released in 2003.

Max in Moose TV TV Series released in 2005.

Front Desk Clerk in Murdoch Mysteries TV Series released in 2008.

Boss in Nikita TV Series released in 2010.

Max Beasley in Soldier of Fortune, Inc. TV Series released in 1997.

Jacob's Man in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

John Mathias in The Border TV Series released in 2008.

Sam Langston in The Listener TV Series released in 2009.

Harry Estock in The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo TV Series released in 1996.

William Quantrill in The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne TV Series released in 2000.

William Ashcroft in University TV Series released in 2001.

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