Which roles are played by Rudy Costa | Characters played by Rudy Costa

Rudy Costa has played the role of Detective in Aware Film released in 2009.

Security Guy in Breakup at a Wedding Film released in 2013.

Sax Player in Don King: Only in America TV Film released in 1997.

Doorman in Draw Film released in 2008.

Band Member in Six Days Seven Nights Film released in 1998.

Rocky in The Question Film released in 2015.

Police Officer in The Quiet Film released in 2005.

Blake in The Undercover Man Film released in 2005.

Corrections Officer in The Wackness Film released in 2008.

Filthy in Urchin Film released in 2007.

Guilherme Costa Moreira in O Olhar da Serpente TV Series released in 2002.

Various in Spy TV TV Series released in 2001.

Police Officer in The Knights of Prosperity TV Series released in 2007.

Which roles are played by Rudy Costa, name the characters played by Rudy Costa, list of roles potrayed by Rudy Costa

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