Which roles are played by Ryan (I) Castro | Characters played by Ryan (I) Castro

Ryan (I) Castro has played the role of George in A Fine Line Film released in 2011.

Man in Black Coat in Affection Film released in 2011.

Peter in Bad Things Video released in 2011.

Police Officer in Celebrities in Disgrace Film released in 2010.

He in Emasculation Film released in 2011.

Tom in Half Moon Film released in 2015.

Jonah Jenkins in Hanging Tree Film released in 2011.

Boyfriend in Pretentious Video released in 2009.

Malcom in The Last Event Film released in 2011.

Malcolm in The Road Home Film released in 2009.

Theo in All My Children TV Series released in 2013.

Eddie in Futurestates TV Series released in 2010.

Police Detective in Gossip Girl TV Series released in 2007.

Spongie in Orange Is the New Black TV Series released in 2013.

Guard in The Following TV Series released in 2013.

ERT in White Collar TV Series released in 2009.

Which roles are played by Ryan (I) Castro, name the characters played by Ryan (I) Castro, list of roles potrayed by Ryan (I) Castro

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