Which roles are played by Salo Gardner | Characters played by Salo Gardner

Salo Gardner has played the role of Old Man in Broken Film released in 2012.

Slum down and out in Dorian Gray Film released in 2009.

Salo Thin in Hotel Splendide Film released in 2000.

Mr. Mavrokoukoudopolous in Roald Dahl's Esio Trot TV Film released in 2014.

Cantina Patron in Star Wars Film released in 1977.

Dancer in Summer Holiday Film released in 1963.

Villager in The Wolfman Film released in 2010.

Wounded Civilian in Band of Brothers TV Series released in 2001.

Ryland in Big Brother's Bit on the Side TV Series released in 2011.

Labourer in Blakes 7 TV Series released in 1978.

Zondawl Citizen in Blakes 7 TV Series released in 1978.

Salo in Derek TV Series released in 2012.

Man in Court in Doomwatch TV Series released in 1970.

Devil in The Black Adder TV Series released in 1983.

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