Which roles are played by Scott Ganyo | Characters played by Scott Ganyo

Scott Ganyo has played the role of Rev Daniel Hoffman in A Time for the Heart Film released in 2009.

Narrator in First They Came for... Film released in 2008.

Gabriel in Foxxy Madonna vs the Black Death Film released in 2007.

Young Father in Loss Film released in 2007.

Lennie Billows in Mike Case in: The Big Kiss Off Film released in 2013.

Nick in Obsolescence Film released in 2011.

Heckler in Open Mic'rs Film released in 2006.

Merlin in Overlords of Magick Film released in 2015.

Scottie Raiser in Postpartum Film released in 2007.

Evan in Shade of Grey Film released in 2009.

Rick Keller in Soldier's Song Film released in 2011.

Batman in Star Trek Versus Batman Video released in 2006.

The Dentist in The Contract Video released in 2007.

EMT in The Dark Knight Film released in 2008.

Father Gabriel in Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh Film released in 2014.

Detective Morency in To Haunt You Film released in 2011.

Ted Dansen in Twiharder Film released in 2013.

Andy in Zorg and Andy Film released in 2009.

Gym Teacher in 1000 Ways to Die TV Series released in 2008.

Spike Cunningham in 1000 Ways to Die TV Series released in 2008.

Neighbor #1 in Mind of Mencia TV Series released in 2005.

Ice Cream Salesman in Research. TV Series released in 2012.

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