Which roles are played by Scott Lyster | Characters played by Scott Lyster

Scott Lyster has played the role of Pete Prescott in Frankie & Alice Film released in 2010.

Richie in Locked in a Garage Band Film released in 2012.

Simon Frost in Pinocchio Project Film released in 2014.

Kevin in Polar Storm TV Film released in 2009.

Alex Brown in Pretty Little Addict TV Film released in 2015.

P.J. in Sorority Wars TV Film released in 2009.

Jason - The Robber in The Night the Robber Came Film released in 2009.

Dougie in The Shortcut Film released in 2009.

Pizza Guy in The Spiral Film released in 2014.

Miles in The Trailer Park Holiday Film released in 2011.

Nelson in The Unseen Film released in 2016.

Shane Colvin in Arrow TV Series released in 2012.

Some Guy in Bionic Woman TV Series released in 2007.

Randy Jackson in Psych TV Series released in 2006.

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