Which roles are played by Severn Thompson | Characters played by Severn Thompson

Severn Thompson has played the role of Floating woman in A Temporary Arrangement Film released in 1996.

Nurse in Chloe Film released in 2009.

Woman in Night Vision Film released in 2008.

Daughter in Regarding Film released in 2003.

Susanna Moodie in Sisters in the Wilderness: The Lives of Susanna Moodie and Catharine Parr Traill Film released in 2004.

Mazo de la Roche in The Mystery of Mazo de la Roche Film released in 2012.

Tanya in 72 Hours: True Crime TV Series released in 2003.

Mrs. Abbott in Bomb Girls TV Series released in 2012.

Mother in Defiance TV Series released in 2013.

Ho'shin in Earth: Final Conflict TV Series released in 1997.

Marissa's Mother in Hannibal TV Series released in 2013.

Sister Anne in Helix TV Series released in 2014.

Dr. Heinzfeld in Rookie Blue TV Series released in 2010.

Doctor in The Border TV Series released in 2008.

Ms. Laporte in The Eleventh Hour TV Series released in 2002.

Which roles are played by Severn Thompson, name the characters played by Severn Thompson, list of roles potrayed by Severn Thompson

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