Which roles are played by Silvio Pollio | Characters played by Silvio Pollio

Silvio Pollio has played the role of Angelo in 13 Steps Film released in 2015.

?lex Morales in Alive Film released in 1993.

Italian Youth in American Dragons Film released in 1998.

DAngelo in Annie O TV Film released in 1997.

Zane in Barbie: A Fairy Secret Video released in 2011.

Sal in Dancing Trees Film released in 2009.

Waiter in For a Few Lousy Dollars Film released in 1995.

Guido in Guido Superstar Film released in 2007.

Guido in Guido Superstar: The Rise of Guido Film released in 2010.

Game Show Host in Hostile Makeover TV Film released in 2009.

Carmine "Istante" Cavelli in How It All Went Down Film released in 2003.

Rico Murocco in I'm That Guy Film released in 0.

Sweatshirt in Moment of Truth: To Walk Again TV Film released in 1994.

Mall Clerk in Run Film released in 1991.

Sonny Westwood in Shut Up and Shoot! Film released in 2006.

Silvio in Tested Film released in 1996.

Trucker #1 in The Myra Johnson Mystery TV Film released in 1994.

Istante in V.I.O.L.E.N.T. Film released in 2008.

Marcus Redmond in Arrow TV Series released in 2012.

Thug in Black Sash TV Series released in 2003.

Bartender Devon in Ring of Fire TV Series released in 2012.

Guard #1 in Sliders TV Series released in 1995.

Metal Worker Joe in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

Emanuel Morales in The Lone Gunmen TV Series released in 2001.

Anthony in The Outer Limits TV Series released in 1995.

Kenny Matuszak in Viper TV Series released in 1996.

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