Which roles are played by Simon (I) Winkler | Characters played by Simon (I) Winkler

Simon (I) Winkler has played the role of Factory Employee in Intruder Film released in 2012.

Silent Whisper/Various Characters in Kamikaze Film released in 2015.

Removal man in Lipstick Film released in 2005.

TJ in Lumps Film released in 2008.

Tim/security 1 in Perfect Woman Film released in 2008.

Iain Gunn in Sweetest Love Film released in 0.

Bodyguard in The Baker Film released in 2007.

The Happy Prince in The Happy Prince Film released in 2012.

Terry in The Kindness of Strangers Film released in 2010.

Newsreader in The Machine Film released in 2013.

Simon in Therapy Film released in 2006.

Golo in Da Vinci's Demons TV Series released in 2013.

Jailor 1 in Outlander TV Series released in 2014.

Andy in Solo f�r Sudmann TV Series released in 1997.

Martin Steinemann in Tatort TV Series released in 1970.

Which roles are played by Simon (I) Winkler, name the characters played by Simon (I) Winkler, list of roles potrayed by Simon (I) Winkler

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