Which roles are played by Stamatis Jelepis | Characters played by Stamatis Jelepis

Stamatis Jelepis has played the role of Stamatis in Agapisa enan Pontio Film released in 1986.

Akakios in Akakie, ta manoulia na einai... fina Video released in 1988.

Aristos in Alexiptotistis gia... klamata Video released in 1989.

Akakios in Ela moni ston topo sou Video released in 1988.

Mihalis in Gabros apo ton topo sou kai as einai... vlima Video released in 1985.

Iasonas in Gomenakia sto thranio Video released in 1989.

Spyros in I fanela me to '9' Film released in 1988.

Iasonas in I love thranio Video released in 1988.

Dimokritos in O anthropos apo to 'Chernobyl' Video released in 1986.

Thodoros in O zigolo tis Athinas Film released in 1982.

Patroklos in Pame gia... kafe?! Film released in 1981.

Rambo in Racky no 0, to noumero! Film released in 1985.

Alekos in Trellos kai pasis Ellados Film released in 1983.

Tritsibidas in Astynomos Thanasis Papathanasis TV Series released in 1990.

Matthaios Margaritis in Deligianneion Parthenagogeion TV Series released in 2007.

Marios Aggelou in Oi istories tou astynomou Beka TV Series released in 2006.

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