Which roles are played by Stephen Wolfe Smith | Characters played by Stephen Wolfe Smith

Stephen Wolfe Smith has played the role of Steve in A Kiss on the Cliff Film released in 1994.

Caroler in Christmas Carolers Just for You Video released in 1989.

Intern in Dracula: Dead and Loving It Film released in 1995.

Minstrel in Time Trackers Film released in 1989.

1st Class Dining Room Steward in Titanic Film released in 1997.

Reporter at Hoover Dam in Universal Soldier Film released in 1992.

Jean-Luc in General Hospital TV Series released in 1963.

Allyn in The Legend of Prince Valiant TV Series released in 1991.

Klarion the Witch Boy in The New Batman Adventures TV Series released in 1997.

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