Which roles are played by The Mellomen | Characters played by The Mellomen

The Mellomen has played the role of Card Painters in Alice in Wonderland Film released in 1951.

Dogs in pound in Disney Sing-Along-Songs: You Can Fly Video released in 1988.

Themselves in Edgar Bergen with Charlie McCarthy TV Film released in 1950.

Dogs in Lady and the Tramp Film released in 1955.

Vocalists in Lights Fantastic Film released in 1942.

Chorus in Paul Bunyan Film released in 1958.

Singers in Pigs Is Pigs Film released in 1954.

Huey/Dewey/Louie in Scrooge McDuck and Money Film released in 1967.

Singing Group in Toot Whistle Plunk and Boom Film released in 1953.

Themselves in Disneyland TV Series released in 1954.

Singing Neighbors in The Alan Young Show TV Series released in 1950.

Which roles are played by The Mellomen, name the characters played by The Mellomen, list of roles potrayed by The Mellomen

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