Which roles are played by Theo Devaney | Characters played by Theo Devaney

Theo Devaney has played the role of Allan Bennett in Aleister Crowley: Legend of the Beast Film released in 2013.

Additional Voices in Assassin's Creed III Film released in 2012.

Kyle in Becoming Sophie Film released in 2014.

Dying Soldier/Ostagar Templar/Ostagar Soldier in Dragon Age: Origins Film released in 2009.

Ryan in Esperanza Film released in 2014.

Additional Voices in James Bond 007: Blood Stone Film released in 2010.

Emmett in Knocking on Death's Door Film released in 2014.

Lord Nelson in Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb Film released in 2014.

Tristan in Run Film released in 2015.

George in The Fabric of Life Film released in 2012.

Imperial Guardsman in Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Film released in 2011.

Aryan La Valette in Wiedzmin 2: Zab�jcy kr�l�w Film released in 2011.

Co-Pilot Jonathan Palmer in Aircrash Confidential TV Series released in 2011.

Adrian Miller in Doctors TV Series released in 2000.

Winston in Psych TV Series released in 2006.

Gavin MacLeod in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

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