Which roles are played by Theo van Golen | Characters played by Theo van Golen

Theo van Golen has played the role of Schoolboy in Annie Film released in 2014.

Young Matthew in Arisen Film released in 2015.

Gas Station Patron in Blue Caprice Film released in 2013.

Jack Hudson in Faceless Film released in 2015.

Adolescent Curt Smith III in In the Shadow of the Water Tower Film released in 2013.

Young Boy in Louder Than Words Film released in 2013.

Jason (kid) in Mask Film released in 2013.

Choir Boy in McCanick Film released in 2013.

Enkidu in Melton's Paradise Lost Film released in 2016.

Bret's Dead Son in Purification Film released in 2012.

Young Boy in Shadows of Life Film released in 2015.

Carousel Rider/Graduation Guest in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Film released in 2014.

Boy with Smallpox in The Library Film released in 2013.

Ryan in Tolerance Film released in 2014.

Mason in Toy Soldier Film released in 2012.

English Boy 1 in Amish Haunting TV Series released in 2014.

Field Trip Student in Blue Bloods TV Series released in 2010.

Young Stephen in Deadly Sins TV Series released in 2012.

Young Cal in Orange Is the New Black TV Series released in 2013.

Funeral Guest in Public Morals TV Series released in 2015.

Child in School Spirits TV Series released in 2011.

Orphan in Zero Hour TV Series released in 2013.

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