Which roles are played by Vincent Rother | Characters played by Vincent Rother

Vincent Rother has played the role of Conrad in 88 Film released in 2014.

Various roles in Far Cry 4 Film released in 2014.

SWAT Member Joe in Saw II Film released in 2005.

SWAT Member Joe in Saw III Film released in 2006.

Stunt in Splinter Cell: Blacklist Film released in 2013.

Sentry in Total Recall Film released in 2012.

Soldier of Fortune in Beauty and the Beast TV Series released in 2012.

Gun Guard #1 in Bitten TV Series released in 2014.

Clayton Guard #2 in Breakout Kings TV Series released in 2011.

Eric in Cra$h & Burn TV Series released in 2009.

PT Officer in Hannibal TV Series released in 2013.

Berserker #3 in Lost Girl TV Series released in 2010.

Nazi Leader in XIII: The Series TV Series released in 2011.

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