Which roles are played by Wayne Downer | Characters played by Wayne Downer

Wayne Downer has played the role of Massimo in A Whisper to a Scream Film released in 1989.

Policeman #2 in Beyond the Call TV Film released in 1996.

Desk Guard in Dracula 2000 Film released in 2000.

Gunman in First Degree Video released in 1995.

Band Member #3 in Freakshow Film released in 1989.

Young Man in Global Heresy Film released in 2002.

Fight #1 in Joe's So Mean to Josephine Film released in 1996.

Precinct Cop #1 in Johnny & Clyde TV Film released in 1995.

Bank Cop in Pale Saints Film released in 1997.

TSA Agent in Repo Men Film released in 2010.

Marcus in RoboCop Film released in 2014.

ill-fated FBI Agent #2 in Sabotage Film released in 1996.

SWAT Officer in Saw 3D Film released in 2010.

Bar Patron in Skinwalkers Film released in 2006.

Fortress Security in Undercover Brother Film released in 2002.

Man in Prada Suit in Covert Affairs TV Series released in 2010.

Reporter/Bomber in Earth: Final Conflict TV Series released in 1997.

Thomas Marlow in Hannibal TV Series released in 2013.

Lawrence Carlton in Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye TV Series released in 2002.

Tim in The State Within TV Series released in 2006.

Gay Basher #1 in Witchblade TV Series released in 2001.

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