Which roles are played by William (I) Yip | Characters played by William (I) Yip

William (I) Yip has played the role of Chinese Waiter in Arizona Trail Film released in 1943.

Chinese Boy in Bad Men of Tombstone Film released in 1949.

Korean in Battle Circus Film released in 1953.

Japanese Officer in Behind the Rising Sun Film released in 1943.

Fantan Player in Boston Blackie's Chinese Venture Film released in 1949.

Chinese Man in Escape in the Fog Film released in 1945.

Chinese Sailor in Flower Drum Song Film released in 1961.

Tsoi Tat in Forbidden Film released in 1953.

Chinese Man in Heavenly Days Film released in 1944.

Ho-Sin in Hell and High Water Film released in 1954.

Gen. Saito in I Was an American Spy Film released in 1951.

Chinese Maitre d' in Ice Palace Film released in 1960.

Capt. Han in Jump Into Hell Film released in 1955.

Rickshaw Driver in Macao Film released in 1952.

Chinese Man in Once Upon a Time Film released in 1944.

Chinese Nationalist in Peking Express Film released in 1951.

MVD Officer in Prisoner of War Film released in 1954.

Cafe Proprietor in Saigon Film released in 1948.

Bartender in Soldier of Fortune Film released in 1955.

Bookie in Sorrowful Jones Film released in 1949.

Diplomat in Stopover Tokyo Film released in 1957.

Chinese Merchant in T-Men Film released in 1947.

High Priest in The King and I Film released in 1956.

Chinese Man in The Last of the Secret Agents? Film released in 1966.

Officer in The Mountain Road Film released in 1960.

Ben in The Sad Horse Film released in 1959.

Chinese Owner in The Seventh Sin Film released in 1957.

Chinese Man in Jail in The Spoilers Film released in 1955.

Dak Sue in Twilight for the Gods Film released in 1958.

Wong - Restaurant Owner in Alfred Hitchcock Presents TV Series released in 1955.

Chang in Bat Masterson TV Series released in 1958.

Old Man in Bourbon Street Beat TV Series released in 1959.

Ling in Checkmate TV Series released in 1960.

Ticket Man in Checkmate TV Series released in 1960.

P'u Yi in Hong Kong TV Series released in 1960.

Chris Long in Mr. & Mrs. North TV Series released in 1952.

Willie Wong in Peter Gunn TV Series released in 1958.

Chinese General in Run for Your Life TV Series released in 1965.

Charlie Wei in Shannon TV Series released in 1961.

Yat Soong in Sugarfoot TV Series released in 1957.

Cook in Surfside 6 TV Series released in 1960.

Angel Face in Terry and the Pirates TV Series released in 1952.

Witness on Steps in Thriller TV Series released in 1960.

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