Which roles are played by William (II) Cottrell | Characters played by William (II) Cottrell

William (II) Cottrell has played the role of Reporter in All the King's Men Film released in 1949.

Macklin in Captain John Smith and Pocahontas Film released in 1953.

Roberts in Captain Kidd and the Slave Girl Film released in 1954.

Dr. Crane in Donovan's Brain Film released in 1953.

Mr. Hoyt in Inside Danny Baker TV Film released in 1963.

Cinna in Julius Caesar Film released in 1953.

Senator Hastings in Killing at Hell's Gate TV Film released in 1981.

Dupuy in Les Miserables Film released in 1952.

Reggie in Loose in London Film released in 1953.

Hotel Manager in My Pal Gus Film released in 1952.

Cookie in Return to Treasure Island Film released in 1954.

Henri in Target Unknown Film released in 1951.

Moers in The Man on the Eiffel Tower Film released in 1949.

Bisbee in The Naked City Film released in 1948.

Corbeau in The Strange Door Film released in 1951.

Harry - Bar Steward in Titanic Film released in 1953.

Sea Captain in Twelfth Night Film released in 1957.

Lab Man in Naked City TV Series released in 1958.

Freddie in Naked City TV Series released in 1958.

Ray in Naked City TV Series released in 1958.

Lab Technician in Naked City TV Series released in 1958.

Doctor in The Defenders TV Series released in 1961.

Supporting Player in The Jack Benny Program TV Series released in 1950.

Van Horn in Topper TV Series released in 1953.

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