Which roles are played by William Remick | Characters played by William Remick

William Remick has played the role of Member of the State Legislature in Ada Film released in 1961.

Doctor in But Not for Me Film released in 1959.

Reporter in Cimarron Film released in 1960.

Ship's Captain in Cry for Happy Film released in 1961.

The Coroner in Experiment in Terror Film released in 1962.

Justice of the Peace in Houseboat Film released in 1958.

Henry - Man on Stagecoach in Noose for a Gunman Film released in 1960.

Dr. Hawley in The Angry Red Planet Film released in 1959.

Man with Statue in The Buccaneer Film released in 1958.

Doctor in The Five Pennies Film released in 1959.

Chief Justice Hughes in The Legendary Curse of the Hope Diamond TV Film released in 1975.

Board Member in The Power and the Prize Film released in 1956.

Jury Foreman in Vertigo Film released in 1958.

General Tetley in Captain Midnight TV Series released in 1954.

Judge in General Electric Theater TV Series released in 1953.

First Millionaire in Maverick TV Series released in 1957.

Burton in Official Detective TV Series released in 1957.

Herbert Walker in Perry Mason TV Series released in 1957.

John Howard Preston in State Trooper TV Series released in 1956.

Doorman in Studio One TV Series released in 1948.

Colonel in Tales of the Texas Rangers TV Series released in 1955.

The Jury Foreman in The Alfred Hitchcock Hour TV Series released in 1962.

Wm. Shuyler, Sr. in The Millionaire TV Series released in 1955.

Mr. Walters in The Tall Man TV Series released in 1960.

Mr. Dick Grant ('Goodbye, Dr. Bliss') in Thriller TV Series released in 1960.

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