What are the characters in \'Fun on a Week-End\' movie

The characters in \'Fun on a Week-End\' movie are
Party Guest - Gertrude Astor
Mrs. Van Orsdale - Alma Kruger
Mrs. Leland Hamilton - Effie Laird
Nancy Crane - Priscilla Lane
Party Guest - Suzanne Ridgeway
Party Guest - Suzanne Ridgeway
Mr. Prigee's Secretary - Marie Blake
Party Guest - Florence Wix
Durand's Secretary - Claire Carleton
Mrs. Quackenbush - Madge Crane
Mr. Cowperwaithe's Secretary - Edith Evanson
Party Guest - Bess Flowers
Miss O'Connell - Moffatt's Secretary - Sandra Foloway
Customer in Clothing Shop - Jody (I) Gilbert
Hotel Stenographer - Grayce Hampton
Girl at Canteen - Jayne Hazard
Jack's Companion - Shirley Hunter
Hot Dog Vendor - Lester (I) Allen
Gambling Casino Bouncer - Leo (I) Anthony
Cyrus Cowperwaithe - Richard (I) Hageman
Gambling House Patron - Stuart (I) Hall
Party Guest - Sam (II) Harris
John Biddle - Russell (I) Hicks
Heckler - Earle Hodgins
Man in Outer Office - Bert Howard
Joe Morgan - Allen (I) Jenkins
Bill Davis - Bill (I) Kennedy
Quigley Quackenbush - Clarence Kolb
Dealer - Mike (I) Lally
Party Guest - Carl M. Leviness
Nightclub Patron - Harold (I) Miller
Party Guest - Sam (I) Ash
Gambling House Bouncer - Sam (I) Bagley
Waiter - Max Barwyn
Waiter - Fred Rapport
Oswald J. Nicholl - Bert (I) Roach
Mr. Prigee - Syd Saylor
Party Guest - Ted (I) Stanhope
Man in Outer Office - Larry Steers
Benjamin O. Moffatt - Arthur Treacher
Mr. Horne - Harry Tyler
Hotel Desk Clerk - Marek Windheim
John Durand - Hotel Manager - Douglas (I) Wood
Gambling House Bouncer - Brooks Benedict
Hotel Bellboy - William 'Billy' Benedict
Party Guest - Edward Biby
Pete Porter aka P.P. Porterhouse III - Eddie Bracken
Department Store Stock Boy - Bill Cartledge
Jefferson Van Orsdale Jr. - Tom (I) Conway
Party Guest - Oliver (I) Cross
Jefferson Van Orsdale Sr. - Boyd Davis
Clothing Shop Proprietor - Joe (I) Devlin
Geoffrey Cooke - Attorney - Neely Edwards
Barton - Van Orsdale's Butler - Herbert Evans
Poker Player - Franklyn Farnum
Sergei Stroganoff - Fritz Feld
Man at Lunch Counter - Byron Foulger
Gambling House Owner - Douglas Fowley

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