What are the characters in \'Til Lies Do Us Part movie

The characters in \'Til Lies Do Us Part movie are
Rebecca - Sabine Karsenti
Bob's Daughter - Nancy (II) Kenny
Sacha - Cary Lawrence
Party Guest - Kathy (I) Logan
Charlie - Krista Morin
Jeanette - Cynthia Preston
Leeza Mitchell - Paula Trickey
Restaurant Patron/Passerby - Jos�e Beauchamp
Police Dispatcher - Kate (I) Derrick
Front Desk Clerk - Allison (III) Graham
Bob - Dean Hagopian
Passerby - Claude Huard
Dylan - Felix Pennell
Wayne - Richard Robitaille
Ethan Woods - Al Sapienza
Griff - Christie (I) Watson
Dr. Kim - Russell Yuen
Trey Mitchell - Thomas Calabro
Cocktail Guest - Paul Finnigan

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