What are the characters in -But the Flesh Is Weak movie

The characters in -But the Flesh Is Weak movie are
Party Guest - Isabelle Keith
Lady Florence Ridgway - Eva (I) Moore
Lady Joan Culver - Heather Thatcher
Casino Gambler/Party Guest - Florence Wix
Mrs. Rosine Brown - Nora Gregor
Gooch - Forrester Harvey
Sir George Kelvin - Edward Everett Horton
Party Guest - Olaf Hytten
Duke of Hampshire - Frederick Kerr
Lord Wentworth - Party Guest - Mitchell Leisen
Mr. Stewart - Party Guest - Ray Milland
Max Clement - Robert (I) Montgomery
Party Guest - Edmund Mortimer
Prince Paul - Nils Asther
Party Waiter - William H. O'Brien
Findley - Desmond (I) Roberts
Florian Clement - C. Aubrey Smith
Casino Spectator/Party Guest - Larry Steers
Waters, The Duke's Butler - Wilson Benge
Party Guest - Bill (III) Elliott

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