What are the characters in ...All the Marbles movie

The characters in ...All the Marbles movie are
Louise, Girl in Harry's Room - Angela Aames
Mexican Wrestler #1 - Irma Eugenia Aguilar
Molly - Laurene Landon
Akron Wrestler #2 - Karen (I) McKay
Creature #1 - Susan Mechsner
Big Mama - Faith Minton
Solly, Woman Promoter - Claudette Nevins
Akron Wrestler #1 - Marlene Petrilli
Diane, Toledo Tiger - Tracy (I) Reed
Diane, Toledo Tiger - Tracy (I) Reed
Extra - Brinke Stevens
Merle's Wife - Susan (I) Barnes
June, Toledo Tiger - Ursaline Bryant
Vendor Girl at Arena - Melody Clark-Curzon
Mexican Wrestler #2 - Martha Louisa Coello
Iris - Vicki Frederick
Geisha #1 - Taemi Hagiwara
Jerome's Girlfriend - Gloria Hayes
Creature #2 - Leslie (I) Henderson
Geisha #2 - Ayumi Hori
Body Builder - Charles (II) Anderson
Himself - Football Player - Joe (II) Greene
Mud Wrestling Emcee - Paul (I) Greenwood
Geisha's Doctor - Alvin Hammer
Big John' Stanley, TTs Promoter - John (I) Hancock
Himself - TV Reporter - Chick Hearn
Thug - Chuck (I) Hicks
Body Builder - Ray Homesly
Bill Dudley (Reno referee) - Richard Jaeckel
Akron Referee - William J. Kulzer
Clyde Yamashito, Japanese Promoter - Clyde Kusatsu
Warehouse Stickman - Dan Magiera
Service Station Attendant - Joseph Margo
Referee in Chicago - Mike Mazurki
Body Builder - Randy McClane
Thug - Gary McLarty
Jerome, Eddie's Bodyguard - Lenny Montana
Geisha Referee - Adolfo Plascencia
Barber - Cosmo Sardo
Warehouse Player - Nicholas (I) Shields
Extra - Jeffrey L. Tandy
Akron Doctor - Jonathan (I) Terry
Restaurant Patron - Dominic Paolo Testa
Mexican Referee - Gustavo (I) Torres
Body Builder - Steve (I) White
Eddie Cisco - Burt (I) Young
No-Name Promoter - Leonard Bremen
Myron, Big Mama's Promoter - Stanley (I) Brock
Reno Timekeeper - Don Brodie
Promoter - Jon Garrison Clark
Doctor - Perry (I) Cook
Warehouse Box Man - Johnnie Decker
Merle LeFevre, Open-air Fair Promoter - Charlie (I) Dell
Organist - Ivan Ditmars
Obese Promoter - Cliff Emmich
Harry Sears - Peter (I) Falk
Man with Dice - Ernie Fuentes

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