What are the characters in 06 Spaceys movie

The characters in 06 Spaceys movie are
Herself - Rachel Luttrell
Herself - Grace (I) Park
Herself - On-Air Presenter - Kim Poirier
Herself - Katee Sackhoff
Herself - On-Air Presenter - Natasha Eloi
Himself - Richard Dean Anderson
Himself - David Hewlett
Himself - Peter (I) Jackson
Kane - Glenn Jacobs
Robocop - Richard Leggatt
Himself - On-Air Presenter - Jonathan Llyr
Cylon/Xenomorph - Alien/Stormtrooper - Scott Maple
Himself - Andy Serkis
Himself - Bryan Singer
Himself - Joss Whedon
Himself - Ben Browder
Darth Vader - Reese Brunelle

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