What are the characters in 1 Chance 2 Dance movie

The characters in 1 Chance 2 Dance movie are
Dr. Tannenbaum - Lizett Alcaraz-Armstrong
Audience Member - Grace Korkunis
Lunch Lady - Janel Kranking
Marsha Colussi - Rae Latt
Principal Harper - Alison Lees-Taylor
Party Guest - Savannah LeJeune
Dancer - Natalie (IV) Martinez
Jenna the Tap Girl - Grainne (I) McDermott
Dancer - Katelin McDermott
Administrator Ellen - Katherine McKalip
Dancer - Sophia Moritz
Dancer - Hannah Osborne
Candace - Brianna Michelle Parcel
Party Guest - Amy Quanbeck
Party Guest - Amy Quanbeck
Dancer - Emma Rothenberg
Dr. Jarvis - Donna Rusch
Aunt Belinda's Daughter - Emmy Savage
Aunt Belinda's Daughter - Samantha Savage
Jazz Judge - Jessa Settle
Science Teacher - Elizabeth Snoderly
Party Guest - Tiffany (XXI) Taylor
Dancer - Kathleen (I) Tor
Party Guest - Dorie Bailey
Dancer - Marley Baker
Danna Kapoor - Poonam Basu
Party Guest - Madeline (I) Berger
Jude Katz - Teresa Biter
Ballet Judge - Michelle (III) Blackwell
Audience Member - Amy Voorhees
Wallflower Student - Simona Brooks
Aunt Belinda - Diane Chernansky
Dancer - Katy Chu
Cynthia Rhodes - Kim Chueh
Valerie Harper - Emily Deahl
Student - Erica Delgado
Mallory Madison - Alexia Dox
Maggie McBride - Sara Finemel
Brie the Salsa Girl - Lyndsey Gago
Gabby Colussi - Lexi Giovagnoli
Party Guest - Cani Gonzalez
Dancer - Elinor Haddad
Lynne - Mara Hall
Fallon Franklin - Kalilah Harris
Ginger McBride - Diana (III) Hart
Party Guest - Robyn Herring
Joe's Girlfriend - Julie Himmler
Mrs. Taylor - LaRosa Howland
Party Guest - Erika Hucal
Stage Manager - Sara Jester
Modern Judge - Ryan (II) Anthony
Joey Colussi - Viktor Argo
Darren the Tap Guy - Jason T. Gaffney
Party Guest - Leonardo (II) Garcia
Max Colussi - Vincent Giovagnoli
Lunch Guy - Eric (I) Gosselin
Party Guest - Chad Holle
Party Guest - Nicholas (V) Howard
Dance Contest MC - Lloyd Kaufman
Kevin the Salsa Guy - Chris Leatart
Student - Dustin (V) Lee
Dancer - Nikelson Letham
Dylan Palermo - Sean (VIII) McBride
Jay - Jonathan Michael McClune
Party Guest - Marco Nelson
Ken Castle - Adam (IX) Powell
Brad McBride - Justin (XI) Ray
Party Guest - Mike (I) Reasor
Alex Owens - Christopher M. Robbins
Shawn Furst - Mason Trueblood
Wizard Student - Forrest Borie
Lemon Party Guy - Rick Caplan
Jeff - Jake DuPree
Student - Alan Feruglio

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