What are the characters in 1st Annual Spaceys movie

The characters in 1st Annual Spaceys movie are
Technical Awards Presenter - Lesley Livingston
Herself - Kim Poirier
Herself - Sarah-Jane Redmond
Herself - Sarah-Jane Redmond
Herself - Amanda Tapping
Herself - Jolene Blalock
Herself - On-Air Presenter - Natasha Eloi
Himself - Richard Dean Anderson
Himself - Grant (I) Harvey
Himself - David (I) Hayter
Himself - Peter (I) Jackson
Himself - Christopher Judge
Himself - On-Air Presenter - Jonathan Llyr
Himself - Viggo Mortensen
Himself - Andy Serkis
Himself - Michael (I) Shanks
Himself - William Shatner
Himself - Kirk Wise
Himself - Rob (I) Coleman
Himself - Don S. (I) Davis
Space Mascot - Simon (II) Evans

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