What are the characters in A Christmas Without Snow movie

The characters in A Christmas Without Snow movie are
Maisie Kim - Daisietta Kim
Evangeline Burns - Anne Lawder
Zoe Jensen - Michael Learned
Alto Soloist - Gail MacGowan
Office Worker - Carol McElheney
Inez - Ruth Nelson
Wendell's Grandma - Beah Richards
Wendell's Grandma - Beah Richards
Waitress - Stephanie (I) Smith
Ms. Meyers - Barbara Squier
Carol Thorpe - Barbara Tarbuck
Alice Lohman - Roberta Callahan
Cora Newman - Joy Carlin
Muriel - Valerie Curtin
Mrs. Dienhart - Jane Frasier-Smith
Doctor - Mark Anger
Tough Youth - Kevin (I) Harris
Robbie - Matthew Hautau
Ephraim Adams - John (I) Houseman
Terry - David Knell
Mr. Goodman - Jay Krohnengold
Sergeant - Dan Leegant
Wendell - Calvin Levels
Arthur Kim - Sterling Lim
Dan Garner - Will Marchetti
Taxi Driver - Joe Bellan
Mr. Jefferson - John (II) Patton
Mr. Loop - Lou Picetti
Man in Office - Steve Prescott Jones
Mr. Hitchrick - H. Leonard Richardson
Tough Youth - Robert (I) Rivers
Hartley - William Swetland
Henry Quist - Ramon Bieri
Seth - Ed Bogas
Bride's Father - William (I) Browder
Tough Youth - Yule Caise
Bass Soloist - Will Connolly
Reverend Lohman - James (I) Cromwell
Detective West - Tony Dario

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