What are the characters in A Cursed Coven movie

The characters in A Cursed Coven movie are
Sky Marion - Katie Adducci
Wake Guest - Cindy Olson Angland
Party Guest - Janet (II) Keller
Young Shelby Marion - Briana Rose Lee
Jamie Johnson - Michelle McCann
Ember Gracie - Lisa Pechmiller
Wake Guest - Crystal Poncel
Rosemary Dahlin - Dorian Potter
Rikki - Jennifer Prettyman
Kira Kale - Gwen Ruhoff
Annie Marion - Agnes Rzepecki
Deanna Marion - Danielle Sonksen
Party Guest - Cassandra Barr
Aunt Shelby Marion - Barbara Berosik
Wake Guest - Diane (II) Visser
Wake Guest - Amber Nicole Buus
Cleo Martin - Ries Dahlquist
Jari Johnson - Kira Doebler
Mrs. Blackwell - Sara Dubin
Reagan Dahlin - Sarah (II) French
Addison Marion - Rachel Grubb
Billy - Sean Amire
Paxton Marx - Jesse (II) Griffith
James Ludwick - Charles Hubbell
Party Guest - Arthur Keller Jr.
Party Guest - Brian Banderet
Jeremy - Ryan Ruud
Keilan Kale - Daniel J. Schneider
Wake Guest - Jim (I) Westcott
Darin Carter - Derek Dirlam

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