What are the characters in A Double Life movie

The characters in A Double Life movie are
Audience Member - Clare Alden
Actress in 'Othello' - Fay Kanin
Woman - Hazel Keener
Large Woman - Kay Lavelle
Noreen Cole - June Lockhart
Girl in Lobby - Janet Manson
Audience Member - Kathy Marlowe
Janet - Joyce Mathews
Nellie Gray - Flora Morris
Actress in 'Othello' - Virginia Patton
Audience Member - Yvette Reynard
Girl in Lobby - Augusta Roeland
Audience Member - Yvette Reynard
Girl in Lobby - Augusta Roeland
Audience Member - Countess Elektra Rozanska
Anna - Sarah (I) Selby
Audience Member - Diane (III) Stewart
Girl in Wig Shop - Betsy Blair
Girl in Wig Shop - Janet Warren
Pat Kroll - Shelley Winters
Girl in Wig Shop - Marjorie Woodworth
Audience Member - Mary (II) Worth
Actress in 'A Gentleman's Gentleman' - Mary (I) Young
Dowager at Party - Laura K. Brooks
Actress in 'A Gentleman's Gentleman' - Georgia Caine
Waitress - Claire Carleton
Lucy - Angela (I) Clarke
Mrs. Norman - Rachel de Solla
Ellen - Joann Dolan
Gladys - Elizabeth Dunne
Landlady - Fernanda Eliscu
Woman - Maude Fealy
Elena Novanti - Cristina Ferrare
Theater Patron - Bess Flowers
Madge Clare - Blanche Forsythe
Woman - Nina (I) Gilbert
Audience Member - Beatrice Gray
Woman - Ethyl May Halls
Brita - Signe Hasso
Audience Member - Doretta Johnson
Cassio - Thomas (I) Gomez
Actor in 'Othello' - Arthur Gould-Porter
Dr. Mervin - Wilton Graff
Doyle Rettig - Larry Hagman
Laughing Man - Fred Hoose
Actor in 'Othello' - Boyd Irwin
John - First Bartender - Charles (I) Jordan
Second Photographer - Robert Emmett Keane
Walters - Jack (I) Kelly
Party Guest - James (I) Khan
Stellini - Charles La Torre
Detective - Elmo Lincoln
Bit Part - James (II) Linn
Max Lasker - Philip (I) Loeb
Frank Norman - Thomas H. (I) MacDonald
Police Photographer - Phil (I) MacKenzie
Stagehand - Barry Macollum
Usher - George M. Manning
Man at Party - Don (II) McGill
Steve - Walter McGrail
Head Usher - Hal Melone
Customer - Carl Milletaire
Tailor - Howard M. Mitchell
Al Cooley - Millard Mitchell
Guest - Harry Hays Morgan
Audience Member - John (I) Morgan
Detective - William (I) Bailey
Second Actor - Harry Bannister
Bill Friend - Edmond O'Brien
Stagehand - Harry Oldridge
Walter Clare - Fred (I) Paul
Extra - Jack Perrin
Carlos - Nehemiah Persoff
Costume Designer - Albert Pollet
Actor in 'Othello' - Guy Bates Post
Jack Cole - Dack Rambo
Boyer - Joey (I) Ray
Actor in 'A Gentleman's Gentleman' - Elliott Reid
Stagehand - Frank (I) Richards
Man at Party - Bruce Riley
Actor in 'Othello' - Thayer Roberts
Fingerprint Man - Buddy Roosevelt
Hector Ramirez - Bert Rosario
Inspector Gray - Roy Royston
Audience Member - Jerry Salvail
Ray Bonner - Joe (I) Sawyer
Guest - Jamesson Shade
Guest - George Sherwood
Wigmaker - Art (I) Smith
Tailor - Pietro Sosso
Bit Part - Michael (I) Stark
Guest - Cedric Stevens
Audience Member - Mike (I) Stokey
Asst. Stage Manager - Peter M. Thompson
Wigmaker - Sid Tomack
Logan - Roy Travers
Man at Party - Wayne C. Treadway
Bit Part - John (I) Valentine
Actor in 'Othello' and 'A Gentleman's Gentleman' - Percival Vivian
Actor in 'Othello' - Frederick Worlock
Actor - Ed Wragge
Landlady's Husband - Joseph E. Bernard
Reporter - Reginald Billado
Dr. Stauffer - Whit Bissell
Actor in 'Othello' - David (I) Bond
Oscar Bernard - Harlan Briggs
Audience Member - James F. Cade
Frank Blaine - J.D. Cannon
Photographer - Paddy Chayefsky
Barry - Alexander (I) Clark
Victor Donlan - Ray (I) Collins
Anthony John - Ronald (I) Colman
Stage Manager - John Drew Colt
Second Bartender - Heinie Conklin
Reporter - Curt Conway
Reporter - Russ (I) Conway
Arthur Woods - Alex (I) Courtney
Audience Member - Leander De Cordova
Actor in 'Othello' - Leslie Denison
Stagehand - Nick (I) Dennis
Police Stenographer - John Derek
Audience Member - George (I) Douglas
Bootmaker - Watson Downs
Rex - Alan Edmiston
Audience Member - Thomas Everett-Powers
Party Guest - Franklyn Farnum

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