What are the characters in A Life of Her Own movie

The characters in A Life of Her Own movie are
Model - Dorothy Abbott
Jerry - Phyllis Kirk
Party Guest - Meredith Leeds
Hotel Matron - Queenie Leonard
Party Guest - Lee Lynn
Regent Studios' Receptionist - Maura (I) Murphy
Party Guest - Kerry O'Day
Overseer - Sarah Padden
Nora Harleigh - Margaret (I) Phillips
Hotel Desk Clerk - Hilda Plowright
Woman Showing Legs - Ann (I) Robinson
Woman Showing Legs - Ann (I) Robinson
Party Guest - Beverly (I) Thompson
Caraway Secretary - Dorothy Tree
Lily Brannel James - Lana Turner
Secretary - Lurene Tuttle
Regent Studios' Wardrobe Woman - Madge Blake
Party Guest - Joan Valerie
Hosiery Woman - Geraldine Wall
Model - Alice Wallace
Model - Bunny Waters
Party Guest - Carol (IV) Webster
Desk Clerk - Marjorie (I) Wood
Model - Carol Brannon
Party Guest - Carol Brewster
Model - Bridget Carr
Spinster - Florence Cunningham
Woman on Mezzanine - Alice (II) Darrow
Model - Pat (I) Davies
Model - Beth Douglas
Mary Ashlon - Ann Dvorak
Birthday Party Guest - Marlo (I) Dwyer
Canasta Player - Janey Fay
Caraway Receptionist - Elizabeth Flournoy
Cocktail Lounge Patron - Bess Flowers
Switchboard Operator, Betsy Ross Hotel - Kathleen (I) Freeman
Party Guest - Beverly (I) Garland
Woman Photographer - Gertrude Graner
Smitty - Sara Haden
Maggie Collins - Jean Hagen
Model - Patricia (I) Hall
Model - Charlene Hardey
Agency Model - Georgia Holt
Model - Marlene Hoyt
Model - Roberta (I) Johnson
Hosiery Man - Richard (I) Anderson
Party Guest - Kenneth (I) Garcia
Birthday Party Guest - Frank Gerstle
Ventriloquist - Glen (II) Gregory
Model - Sam (II) Harris
Hamburger Proprietor - Percy Helton
Hosiery Man - Robert Emmett Keane
Miner - Bert (I) Keyes
Airport Gateman - Paul (II) Kramer
Party Guest - Arthur M. Loew Jr.
Porter - Louis Mason
Executive - John (IV) Maxwell
Party Guest - Walter McGrail
Steve Harleigh - Ray Milland
Cocktail Lounge Patron - Harold (I) Miller
Party Piano Player - Harry Barris
Pete, Maggie's Son - Christopher Olsen
Specialty Dancer - Hermes Pan
Birthday Party Guest - Jeffrey Sayre
Bob Collins - Tom Seidel
Birthday Party Guest - Claude Stroud
Lee Gorrance - Barry (I) Sullivan
Man Outside Dressing Room - Brick Sullivan
Party Guest - Peter M. Thompson
Birthday Party Guest - Ray (I) Walker
Hotel Waiter - Victor (I) Wood
Taxicab Driver - Wilson Wood
Rental Agent - Whit Bissell
Photographer - David (I) Bond
Cocktail Lounge Patron - Ralph Brooks
Tobacco Shop Proprietor - John (I) Butler
Jim Leversoe - Louis Calhern
Man in Vogue Office - Bob Cautiero
Charlie, Taxicab Driver - David (I) Clarke
Photographer - John (I) Crawford
Drunken Birthday Party Guest - Jimmy (I) Cross
Bellboy - Frankie Darro
Man Asking Invitation - Kenne Duncan
Tom Caraway - Tom Ewell
Restaurant Customer - Franklyn Farnum

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