What are the characters in A Matter of WHO movie

The characters in A Matter of WHO movie are
Stewardess - Julie (I) Alexander
Miss Forsythe - Jacqueline (I) Jones
The Chimp - Meekah (II)
Sister Bryan - Honor Blackman
Beryl - Carol (I) White
Michele - Sonja Ziemann
Blonde girl - Claire (II) Collins
Margery - Barbara (I) Hicks
Band - The John Barry Seven
Foster - Geoffrey Keen
Linkers - Eduard Linkers
Attach? - Chulam Mohammed
Hatfield - Clive (I) Morton
Kennedy - Alex (I) Nicol
Dr. Blake - Vincent (I) Ball
Capt. Brook - Bruce Beeby
Skipper - Michael Ripper
Archibald Bannister - Terry-Thomas
Cooper - Cyril Wheeler
Rahman - Martin (I) Benson
US Sergeant - Roland (I) Brand
Jamieson - Richard Briers
Henry - George (I) Cormack
Ivonovitch - Guy Deghy
Ralph - Andrew Faulds

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