What are the characters in A Stitch in Time movie

The characters in A Stitch in Time movie are
Lindy - Lucy (I) Appleby
Lela Trevor - Agnes Ayres
Phoebe-Ann - Gladys Leslie
Alexis - Harriet Madeley
Lady Brinkley - Jill Melford
Nurse - Coral Morphew
Nurse Rudkin - Penny Morrell
Amy - Patsy Rowlands
Maria - Djalenga Scott
Nurse Haskell - Jeanette Sterke
Mrs. Cutforth - Shop Customer - Marianne Stone
Rich Woman Throwing Bracelet - Totti Truman Taylor
News Broadcaster - Sally Beaumont
Nurse - Wanda Ventham
Medical Student - Jennifer (I) White
Nurse with Bouquet - Jill (I) Carson
Dancing Woman - Pauline Chamberlain
Patient - Pamela Conway
Nurse - Pat Coombs
Betty - Vera Day
Mrs. Trevor - Julia Swayne Gordon
Matron - Hazel (I) Hughes
Woman Dropping Ice Cream - Joan Ingram
Doctor on Children's Ward - Michael Goodliffe
4x4 Driver - Che Grant
Ticehurst, Man With Beard. - Danny (I) Green
Lorry Driver - Fred Griffiths
Medical Student - Paul (I) Grist
Cpl. Welsh, St. John's Ambulance Brigade - Glyn Houston
Capt. Russell, St. John's Ambulance Brigade - Peter (I) Jones
Extra - Nigel (I) Kingsley
1st Wallet Thrower - Andrew Laurence
Chauffeur - Benny (I) Lee
Police Constable - John (I) Lee
Piccolo Playing Band Member - Eddie Leslie
Undetermined Role - Michael (XIII) Lewis
Hotel Porter - Arthur Lovegrove
Benson - Francis (I) Matthews
Workman with Mallet - Michael Balfour
Doctor - Arnold Bell
Medical Student - Graham (I) Bell
Jenkins - George (I) O'Donnell
Man with Headache - Julian Orchard
The Mighty Chang in Photograph - Milton (I) Reid
Pinching Patient - Cardew Robinson
Wrestler - Doug (I) Robinson
Kissing Patient - George Roderick
Dick Moreland - Earl Schenck
Egg Patient - George (II) Spence
Bryce Senior - Charles A. Stevenson
Worthington Bryce - Eugene Strong
Ambulance Driver - Tony Thawnton
Larry Brockman - Charles (I) Walton
Driver Nutall, St. John's Ambulance Brigade - Frank (I) Williams
Norman Pitkin - Norman Wisdom
Dale, Press Photographer. - John (I) Blythe
Guy at Party - Michael Boccalini
Armed Robber. - Johnny (I) Briggs
Small Band Member - Ronnie Brody
Dr. Meadows - Patrick Cargill
Bit Part - Cyril Chamberlain
Mr. Grimsdale - Edward (I) Chapman
Gilly Hill - Cecil Chichester
Prof. Crankshaw - Ernest (I) Clark
Dave - Ed Cooper Clarke
Sir Hector - Jerry (I) Desmonde
TV Cameraman - Clifford Earl

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