What are the characters in A Wish Come True movie

The characters in A Wish Come True movie are
Abby - Olunik� Adeliyi
Barbara - Janet Land
Party Guest - Jocelyne L. Lehto
Wedding guest - Evie Moores
Lindsay Corwin - Megan (II) Park
Trish - Shanda Bezic
Kate Moore - Karen Cliche
Shirley - Jennifer (I) Dale
Party Guest - Megan (II) Dawson
Carrie - Laura de Carteret
Billy Maddox - Dean (I) Armstrong
Dave Landry - Ben Hollingsworth
Charlie - Ron Lea
Reed - Anthony Lemke
Fed Ex Guy - Brandon Ludwig
Cliff - Darrin Baker
Woodhill - Brian (I) Paul
Joey - Aidan Shipley
Office Executive - Sandro Spaziani
Dean Cain - Dean Cain
Wedding guest/various - Michael Cleland
Renshaw - Jim Codrington
Prince Charming - Christopher Cordell
Kevin - Darryl Dougherty

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