What are the characters in Adventure in Diamonds movie

The characters in Adventure in Diamonds movie are
Mrs. MacPherson - Vera Lewis
Felice Falcon - Isa Miranda
Mrs. Perrins - Genia Nikolaieva
Undetermined Role - Susan (I) Paley
Nellie - Elizabeth (I) Patterson
Telephone Operator - Janet Waldo
Nightclub Woman - Virginia Lee Corbin
Gardens Club Patron - Bess Flowers
Second Immigration Officer - Norman Ainsley
Lou - Edward Gargan
Steward - Douglas (I) Gordon
Sergeant at Airport - Roger (I) Gray
Tatooed American Sailor - William Haade
Batman - Bobby (I) Hale
Bill - Sam (II) Harris
Doorman - Keith Hitchcock
Nelson - Charles (I) Irwin
Emerson - Cecil Kellaway
Wakefield - Walter Kingsford
Tailor - Jack (I) Lee
Michael Barclay - John Loder
Cadet - Anthony (I) Marsh
French Sailor - Louis (I) Mercier
Gardens Club Patron - Edmund Mortimer
Waiter - Jimmy Aubrey
Customs Officer - Ambrose Barker
First Immigration Officer - Guy Bellis
Bellboy - Hi Roberts
Man - Wilfred Roberts
Steamship Clerk - Gerald (I) Rogers
Nightclub Patron - Larry Steers
Stout Man on Boat - Harry Stubbs
First English Sailor - David Thursby
Toutasche - Ernest Truex
Second English Saiilor - John (I) Ward
Sailor - Carleton Young
Cockney Sailor - Charles (II) Bennett
Lloyd - Matthew (I) Boulton
Capt. Stephen Dennett - George (I) Brent
Col. J.W. Lansfield - Nigel Bruce
French Sailor - George Calliga
Mr. MacPherson - E.E. Clive
Bartender - David (I) Clyde
Buttons - Rex Downing
Jimmy - Rex Evans
Mr. Perrins - Ralph Forbes

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