What are the characters in Al\'s Lads movie

The characters in Al\'s Lads movie are
Edith - Kirsty (I) Mitchell
Lady Wilton - Belle Peers-Chapman
Cigarette Girl - Emma (I) Ward
Vivian - Elizabeth (I) Woodcock
Woman at Table - Laura (II) Gore
Tony - George (I) Anton
Dishwasher - Marc Gee
Vinnie - Mark Heenehan
Cam - Gordon Jamieson
Priest - Peter Jaques
Mayor - James Carroll Jordan
Dan - Ralf Little
Al Capone - Julian Littman
Eddy - Stephen (II) Lord
Bare Fist Fighter #1 - Tom Lucy
Sammy - Scott Maslen
Spanner - Lewis (I) McKenzie
Hood - Ethan Mckinley
Chicago Cop - Sean McShane
Sonny - Stephen Molden
Burly Stoker - Steve Money
Lord Wilton - Josh (I) Moran
Foreman - Nicholas Moss
Bartender - Keith Newby
Bare Fist Fighter #2 - Ray Nicholas
Bruno - Brian Nickels
Referee - Mike (III) Atkinson
Shivetski - Cliff Barry
Brendan - Peter Pedrero
Boom-Boom - Richard Roundtree
Georgio - Al Sapienza
Saul - Dylan (I) Smith
Chief Engineer - Liam Tobin
Billy - Ricky Tomlinson
Jimmy - Marc (I) Warren
Reporter #2 - Laurence (III) Wilson
Businessman - Christopher Ben
Cook - Craig Cheetham
Reporter #1 - George (I) Christopher
Hood - Aris Comninos
Leo - Warwick (I) Davis
Birch - Ron Donachie
Fats - Sam (I) Douglas
Frankie - Dan Fredenburgh

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