What are the characters in Alias Mary Dow movie

The characters in Alias Mary Dow movie are
Evelyn Dow - Katharine Alexander
Maid - Alyce Ardell
Minnie - Lola (I) Lane
Nurse - Marion Lessing
Party Guest - Vera Lewis
Nurse - Mary (I) MacLaren
Party Guest - Jane (I) Meredith
Nurse - Frances (I) Morris
Party Guest - Marina Passerova
Mary Dow - Juanita Quigley
Nurse - Marie Quillan
Mary Dow - Juanita Quigley
Nurse - Marie Quillan
Counselor - Jane (I) Barnes
Susie - Chubby Orphan - Lois Verner
Party Guest - Mary (I) Wallace
Nurse - Lillian West
Elderly Wife - Leah Winslow
Nurse - Alene Carroll
Tourist's Wife - Nell Craig
Maid - Phyllis Crane
Nurse - Grace Cunard
Party Guest - Anne Darling
Nurse - Winifred Drew
Sally Gates - Sally Eilers
Orphan Matron - Lillian Elliott
Party Guest - Bess Flowers
Aunt Helena - Maude Turner Gordon
Party Guest - Bernadene Hayes
Nurse - Lilyan Irene
Reporter - Frank (I) Adams
Dance Hall Patron - Ernie (I) Alexander
Detective - Stanley (I) Andrews
Boyfriend - Pat (I) Gleason
Reporter - Frank (I) Holliday
Elderly Husband - Arthur Stuart Hull
Doctor - Arnold Korff
Angel Waiter - Harry Lipman
Hotel Clerk - Alphonse Martell
Peter Marshall - Ray Milland
Ditch-Digger - Monte (I) Montague
Valet - Corbet Morris
'Rufe' - Clarence Muse
Reporter - William (I) Newell
Henry Dow - Henry (I) O'Neill
Gendarme - Gene (I) Perry
Master of Ceremonies - Andy Rice Jr.
Martin - Addison Richards
Party Guest - William (II) Roberts
Detective - Emmett Vogan
Tourist - Sammy (I) Blum
Ditch-Digger - Al Bridge
Griffe - Nightclub Drunk - John Carradine
Jimmie Kane - Chick Chandler
Dance Hall Bouncer - Eddy Chandler
Reporter - Hal Cooke
Red - Ticket-Taker - Ray (I) Cooke
Party Guest - Robert (I) Dalton
Devil Waiter - Nam Dibot
Reporter - Earl Eby
Cabbie - Charles (I) Fallon
Porter - Fred Farrell

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