What are the characters in All Night Gaming movie

The characters in All Night Gaming movie are
Student 2 - Tina (I) Lynne
Jenna - Teigan Mccarty
Felicity - Isabella Rodrigues
Felicity - Isabella Rodrigues
Jessie - Naomi Gasser
Melissa - Amy-Lea Griffin
Adam - Nathaniel Gomes
Mr. Glover - Lajos (II) Hamers
Hoth - Todor (II) Manojlovic
Jamie's Dad - Ian McColm
Ben - Dane McFarlane
Jamie - Jack (I) Michel
Mr. Conrad - Bruce Polonis
Robert - Chris Polzot
Bill - Roy De Los Reyes
Lloyd - Brett Spulak
Seedy Guy - Glenn Wanstall
Will - Daniel (III) Webber
Isaac - Troy Brough
Rhys - Brendan Caulfield
Grim Arthur - Samuel (III) Cooper
Morgul - Michael (II) Cusack
Pete - Toby (II) Davis
Logan - James (XV) Ferguson

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