What are the characters in Alone in the T-Shirt Zone movie

The characters in Alone in the T-Shirt Zone movie are
Jennifer - Jennifer (II) Anderson
Party Guest - Katherine (I) Back
Party Guest - Jamie (II) Lake
Party Guest - Suszanne Locke
Party Guest - Jeanne Lusignan
Party Fox - Kathleen Maguire
Party Guest - Marilyn (I) Mason
Factory and Boardwalk - Vicki Mason
Master-Slave Girl (Sheila) - Celeste (I) Miller
Party Guest - Laurie (I) Miller
Factory and Boardwalk - Jamie Oria
Party Guest - Holly Overin
Party Guest - Sally Joy Park
Ms. Du It - Elizabeth (I) Sher
Party Guest - Andrea (I) Sohn
Party Guest - Kathy (I) Stephens
Party Guest - Hilary (II) Sutherland
Party Guest - Sonia Turnaski
Girl in Towel - Kathleen Beeler
Screen Motivation and Voice Overs - Eugenia Valentino
Party Guest - Felicia Von Drake
Factory and Boardwalk - Gail Wiese
Factory and Boardwalk - Pat Wrentsh
Party Guest - Wendy (III) Brown
Party Guest - Jaime Brunson
Nurse (Joleen) - Anna (I) Clark
Party Guest - Julie Conner
Party Guest - Denise M. Cook
Body Double - Michelle Cooke
Party Guest - Ana F. Costa
Party Guest - Eileen Flaherty
Party Guest - Taryn Fling
Mother (Thelma Mikaele) - Anita Forbus
Crystal - Crystal (I) Forrest
Master-Slave Girl (Sylvia)/Factory and Boardwalk - Sylvia Fuller
Party Guest - Sharon E. Gardner
Dr. Lang - Taylor (II) Gilbert
Party Guest - Iris Goldberg
Joni - Joan Gouveta
Little Girl Blonde - Elizabeth Hodson
Party Guest - Tracy Hodson
Party Guest - Lee Andra Jacobs
Party Guest - Catherine Jacobson
Little Girl - Tamara Jacobson
Greg - Mike B. Anderson
Factory and Boardwalk/Party Guest - Arturo (I) Arias
Bum - Tom Arnett
Party Guest - Daniel (I) Goldschmidt
Party Guest - Paul Graf
Party Guest - Steve (II) Hastings
Party Guest - Joe (I) Hill
Party Guest - Douglas Horner
Sad Happy Face (Larry)/Factory and Boardwalk/Party Guest - James F. Hrabetin
Factory and Boardwalk (Paul/Foreman) - Dwight Kiyona
Factory and Boardwalk - Gary (Shades) - Gary LaRochelle
Party Guest - James (VIII) Lee
Infant Michael - Evan (I) Lopez
Rod - Rod McCasky
Party Guest - Jeff (II) Miller
Louis - Louis Charles Nick�ls
Michael Mikaele - Michael (I) Barrack
Bill - Bill (I) Barron
Factory and Boardwalk - Roger Barry
Dad (Wilford Charles 'Chuck' Mikaele) - Bruce (I) Parry
Party Guest - Mike (I) Parry
Young Michael - Daniel (III) Patrick
Party Guest - Michael (I) Perez
Party Guest - Lowell S. Rojon
Party Guest - Phil Snayerson
Party Guest - Dale Sophiea
Party Guest - Scott Spenser
Party Guest - Troy (II) Stephens
Party Guest - Art Takeshita
Party Guest - John (I) Topping
D.B./Party Guest - Ian (I) Turner
Party Guest - Billy Woodseed
Party Guest - James Zampathas
Factory and Boardwalk - Daniel J. Berrick
Party Guest - Derek Bigard
Party Guest - Michael J. (I) Brady
Drew - Stoney (I) Burke
Factory and Boardwalk - Joe Carruthers
Rod's Boss - Cedric Crofts
Clarence - David Elzey
Party Guest - David Floeter
Factory and Boardwalk - Ike (I) Fuller

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