What are the characters in An Adventure in Space and Time movie

The characters in An Adventure in Space and Time movie are
1960's Vintage Mum - Elaine (II) Andrews
Secretary - Claire (II) Ashton
Heather Hartnell - Lesley Manville
Party Guest - Jean Marsh
Jacqueline Hill - Jemma Powell
Verity Lambert - Jessica Raine
Verity Lambert - Jessica Raine
Anneke Willis - Ellie Spicer
Party Guest - Anneke Wills
Delia Derbyshire - Sarah (II) Winter
Joyce - Carole Ann Ford
Carole Ann Ford - Claudia Grant
Jackie Lane - Sophie (II) Holt
Judith Carney - Cara Jenkins
Peter Brachacki - David Annen
Lee Harvey Oswald - Ken Garside
William Russell - Jamie (I) Glover
Young BBC Designer - Ernest Gromov
Reg - Ross Gurney-Randall
Cyril - Toby Hadoke
Richard Martin - Ian Hallard
The Doctor - William Hartnell
Douglas Camfield - Sam Hoare
Menoptra - Thom Hutchinson
Arthur - Charlie (I) Kemp
BBC Art Director - Samuel (II) Lawrence
Len - Roger (I) May
Featured Dalek - Paul (II) McNamara
Assistant Director - Lee Moulds
Shadow - Leslie (II) Bates
Party Guest - Mike Pinfield
Alan - Reece Pockney
Brian Hodgson - Joseph Railton
Mervyn Pinfield - Jeff Rawle
Eager Caveman Actor - Tony (I) Robinson
Party Guest - Robert (VII) Ross
Harry - Security Guard - William (II) Russell
Patrick Troughton - Reece Shearsmith
Peter Purves - Edmund Short
The Doctor - Matt (XI) Smith
Menoptra - Matthew (II) Sweet
Party Guest - Donald Tosh
Michael Craze - Robin Varley
Robert Sleigh - Charles (IV) Walters
Rex Tucker - Andrew Woodall
William Hartnell - David (IV) Bradley
Peter Hawkins - Nicholas Briggs
BBC Electrician - David William Bryan
Charlie - Kit Connor
Sydney Newman - Brian (I) Cox
Waris Hussein - Sacha Dhawan
Party Guest - Clive Doig
Donald Baverstock - Mark (I) Eden
BBC Electrician - Brian (I) Fenton
Party Guest - Michael (I) Ferguson
Passerby/Interviewee - John (IV) Foreman
BBC Assistant - Mathew (II) Foster

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