What are the characters in An Angel Named Billy movie

The characters in An Angel Named Billy movie are
Nancy - Amy Lyndon
Tina - Toni (II) Malone
Cafe Patron Female - Terri Diaz
Rondell - Robin Dionne
Donna - Allison Fleming
Tai Chi Stretcher - Donna Han
Addy - Molly Howe
Hair Stylist - Jeffrey A. Gorman
Cafe Patron Male - Eliezer J. Gregorio
Guy - Kadyr Gutierrez
Jogger 1 - Bryan Hurd
Jogger 2 - Edward Louis Millican
Todd (James' X Lover) - Brent Battles
Billy - Dustin Belt
SUV Driver - Greg Osborne
Homeless Man - Franklyn Passmore III
Matt - Kevin (I) Perez
Steve Houston (Billy's Dad) - Edgar Allan Poe IV
Zack (Billy's Brother) - Matt Prokop
Rick - Shawn Richardson
Mark - Richard Lewis Warren
Queeny Cafe Patron 1 - Greg M. Boyd
J.T. - Troy (I) Coleman
Busboy - Jeremy Craven
Queeny Cafe Patron 2 - Michael (XVII) Diaz
James - Hank Fields
Thomas - Buddy Daniels Friedman

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